“Future Present Past EP” The Strokes

The Strokes

Future Present Past EP Review


Genre: Indie Rock, New Wave

Released June 3, 2016


One of the greatest alternative rock bands to come from the 2000s internet boom, and one whose presence has been dwindling ever since, returned early June with an EP – pleasing many fans. However, it feels that the band still can’t find their footing and they manage to stir up familiar territory already visited on Angles, Comedown Machine,  and on lead vocalist Julian Casablancas’ solo record Tyranny.

The Strokes debut Is This It? proved that the band knew their roots and how to bring it back in a tasteful and game-changing manner. However, this EP shows little progress in the band’s style; same old precise yet rustic drum rhythms, ear-worm riffs with ‘level 6’ distortion, downstroke chords, and Casablancas’ trademark growl occupy a majority of these four tracks.

“Drag Queen” is a nice welcome/opener and, while not being anything game changing, is still a solid tune. “OBLIVIUS” is a jumpy track with a New Wave feel that will usher in some dancing that only elevates once the chorus comes through. Closing the EP, drummer Fabrizio Moretti remixes “OBLIVIUS” with an interesting electronic flair.

While some tracks are enjoyable, the EP is nothing more than a sample of what’s to come. LEt’s hope there’s more on the way that can surpass this minuscule sample from one of alternative rock’s most beloved bands.


LEAST FAV TRACK: Threat of Joy

SCORE: (5.5/10)

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