“Free (The Based Freestyle Mixtape)” Lil’ B & Chance The Rapper

Lil B & Chance The Rapper

Free (The Based Freestyle Mixtape) Mixtape review


Released August 5, 2015

Genre: Rap, Based Freestyles

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When it was announced that the extremely controversial Lil B and the very popular Chance The Rapper were collaborating for a released comprised of entirely freestyles, the world giggled in disbelief. No one thought that the two camps would actually collide because of the geographical distance or Lil B’s tendency to troll the internet. However, on August 5, the Based God and Chance stuck to their word and dropped a 6 song free mixtape full of FREE-styled verses. Although this project is obviously made just for giggles, Chance and Lil B deliver nonstop fun on this surprising collaboration.

Now, the fun is nonstop if you were previously a fan of these rappers. This literally is just a tape full of goofy nonsense from the two emcees, so it’s exactly what you’d expect from a freestyled project from the two artists. There aren’t any lyrical bombs of knowledge, just utter silliness. If this doesn’t sound appealing to you, it won’t be.  If you don’t want to hear things like “I’m like a period/ Or a comma cause these [people] gotta take a pause/ Or somethin’,” skip over this. If you’re like me and love tomfoolery of this nature, this is a load of fun. There are good beats, but other than that this is definitely made for old fans of Chance and Brandon. Simple as that.




Score: (Fun For The Fans/10)

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