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Fetty Wap

Fetty Wap Album Review


Released September 25, 2015

Genre: Hip Hop, Pop Rap, Trap Rap

Say what you will, but Fetty Wap is the epicenter of modern pop music as of now. The underdog star, born Willie Maxwell, has spurred hit after hit after hit, becoming an international sensation by way of meme and music – a dichotomy that has both plagued and benefited musicians as of now. On Fetty Wap’s more than confident debut, the artist follows through with the success of “Trap Queen”, offering infectious melodies and catchy hooks left and right. However, the formula gets stale once spread out over twenty tracks. But in the long run, it hardly becomes an issue, and you’ll hardly even care.

Every single song on here follows the same lovable formula: bright synths, basic trap beats, infectious hooks, Fetty’s warbled and confident vocals, Monty’s direct vocals (he appears on nine tracks on this album). While this formula works, considering the slew of hits that Fetty has had recently, these moments render Fetty very limited. The lack of variety and versatility on Fetty Wap is both a blessing and a curse. For starters, you’ll come to find yourself with a handful of bouncy, fun, and enjoyable tracks in the same class of “Trap Queen”, but you’ll also find it hard to tell one song apart from another.

That is to say that this album does come with its highlights: there’s the massive hook on “Jugg”; the pulsating throb of “I Wonder”; the driving “RGF Island” is sure to soundtrack many pre-game rituals; and the surprising sincerity and compassion of “Again” is sure to be overlooked by many. Fetty’s debut isn’t a bad start for this underdog. He’s sure to come back stronger than ever, riding on the success of all these hits. For now, Fetty Wap is a fun, consistent, self-assured, and confident debut – a record that finds itself being as braggy as it can be, but doesn’t forget where it started from.

FAV TRACKS: Trap Queen, How We Do Things (feat. Monty), Jugg (feat. Monty), Again, My Way (feat. Monty), RGF Island

LEAST FAV TRACKS: Trap Luv, Rewind (feat. Monty)

SCORE: (17/38) (6.0/10)

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