“Everybody Is Going To Heaven” Citizen


Everybody Is Going To Heaven Album Review

Run For Cover Records

Released: June 23, 2015

Genres: Pop Punk, Hardcore Punk, Post-Hardcore

This is another case of an album that would’ve hit it HUGE if it had been released in the 90s. There’s the relatively effects-heavy production (which is pretty good overall), the over-emphasized choruses, all the ingredients to an album full of songs that sound like late 90s rock hits. However, other than the sticky choruses, the songwriting on Citizen’s second full-length is just not up to par.

First of all, the lyrics that have been released (my difficulties with auditory processing makes it hard for me to decipher some of the lyrics that haven’t been published online yet) feel so overdone and cryptic for the sake of being cryptic. There are too many lyrics that follow the formula of “verb me/you an indirect object,” like “Spoon-feeding me medicine” and “this glass is colored black so you can close your eyes.” Sometimes these lyrics are at least delivered with conviction, but Weave Me (Into Yr Sin)” and “Ten” feature the edgiest (sarcasm) muttering I’ve heard in a long time. It’s Marilyn Manson-esque but at least Marilyn has a convincingly haunting aesthetic. Besides the detached lyrics, some guitar riffs on this album aren’t gripping at all. The main verse riff on “Stain” sounds like it was written in about five seconds by a person who just started playing guitar.

“Heaviside” and “Ring Of Chain” are two highlights, however, that feel totally fleshed out and are emotionally convincing. “Heaviside is a nice change of pace, much calmer than the majority of the tracklist, while “Ring Of Chain” isn’t as predictable compositionally as other songs on this album, finishing the album with a nicely arranged string section. However, those are two diamonds out of ten total tracks. These other songs aren’t atrocious, but they’re consistently uninteresting. It’s like the primary focus of the album was the semi-nostalgic production and the songwriting took a backseat.


FAV TRACKS: Heaviside, Ring Of Chain

LEAST FAV TRACK: Stain, Weave Me (Into Yr Sin), Ten

Score: (4.0/10)

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