“Eros/Anteros” Oathbreaker

Album Review
Deathwish Records
Released: July 16,2013
Genre: Black Metal, Shoegaze, Post Metal, Hardcore Punk, Post Rock
Belgian four piece Oathbreaker return with a vengeance on their sophomore full length, Eros/Anteros,a genre bending example of what hardcore could be stylistically. This album covers territory in the realms of black metal, shoegaze, post-metal and even doom when the band brings the musical barrage into slower speeds. Eros/Anteros is an anguish-ridden emotional roller coaster filled with downs and even deeper downs. Each shadowy guitar and bass riff is accompanied by abrasive and relentless drumming, filled with blast beats and d-beats. The vocalist, female Caro Tanghe, delivers pained screeches reminiscent of something off of a The Black Dahlia Murder record, complimenting the overall musical experience when the songs are speedy. However, when the songs are slow, her screams still work, but she attempts cleans on the two epics, “Clair Obscur” and “The Abyss Looks Into Me.” These cleans are very hit or miss, with her voice being very whiny at the beginning of “Clair,” and the middle of the latter song. Every other part of the album with cleans makes sense, as she changes her voice into a whisper. Kurt Ballou of Converge does an excellent job with production on Eros/Anteros, bringing out the talent in every member of the band. Other than occasionally whiny vocals, this is an experience any fan of hardcore, black metal, etc. should not miss.


Standout Track: “Nomad”

Score: (8.9/10)

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