"Dying Gods EP" All Out War

All Out War

Dying Gods  EP Review

Organized Crime Records

Released June 23, 2015

Genre: Metallic Hardcore

All Out War are one of the most consistent consistent bands in metallic hardcore. Despite a short break in their over 20-year-long career, they’ve been releasing relentless and uncompromising aural onslaughts every few years. Although the sound changes little compositionally, All Out War does not fall into the trap that Hatebreed fell into where every album is the exact same type of mediocrity. The lack of progression for All Out War’s music is made up for very gripping songwriting that is familiar but still punishing with every listen.

Their first output since 2010’s Into The Killing Fields, the new Dying Gods EP will satisfy any fan of All Out War. The New York-based quintet still delivers catchy and limb-crushing music while sounding organic. However, this new EP is still extremely similar to their past work. It won’t win over any new fans, as there are no large change-ups stylistically speaking. Every song is equally crushing and captivating, but not superb.The acoustic guitar interlude at the end of the title track was the only major surprise, but it was very nice; it could’ve gone terribly wrong and/or cheesy, but instead it helped establish an eeriness that made the next song hit harder than expected. This is definitely satisfactory for anyone into this style, but it’s not life-changing or standard-setting.



Score: (7.0/10)

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