"Dreams Worth More Than Money" Meek Mill

Meek Mill

Dreams Worth More Than Money Album Review

Maybach/Atlantic/Dream Chasers

Released June 29, 2015

Genre: Pop Rap, Hip-Hop, Brag Rap

Oh lawdy…Meek Mill is CERTAINLY not meek. He’s passionate and not afraid to expose his true thoughts, but he is not meek. From the lavish lifestyle he so thoroughly describes to his showy production to his unmistakably LOUD voice, he is one of the more convictive rappers on the Maybach Music roster. He’s a man of the more; more money, more cars, more volume. Now, he does a good job for most of Dreams Worth More Than Money, but not quite enough to separate himself lyrically from most of his contemporaries.

One thing that does stand out on Meek’s sophomore album is how consistently entertaining the production is. It is relatively trendy, with mostly trap beats, but even the non-trap beats are captivating and radio-ready in the best way. “Classic” sounds like it could’ve been produced in the mid-2000s, but it’s a nice change-up in production style. The opener, “Lord Knows,” samples Mozart beautifully, even though Milly kicks off the album with some unnecessary autotune. The trap beats aren’t drab either, with melodies that are catchy enough to justify using the trap-style percussion.

Meek’s very bold and boisterous delivery compliments these showy beats very well, definitely upping the “hype” factor. He’s convincing with every single word he says because he says everything with the maximum amount of passion; however, what he’s saying may not be anything to write home about. He’s not egregiously boring lyrically, but he’s not saying too much that’s very innovative or thought-provoking. Save the last track, which is quite introspective, most of these songs are just bragging about his current wealth and lavish lifestyle but also remembering his previous struggles. He doesn’t fall into the trap of trying to be the next Lil’ Wayne, inundating the listener with bad puns, but he also doesn’t play around with trying to be very clever with his lyrics, only passionate. There are a few tasty lines like, “front row Fashion Week, looking like I’m in the show,” on the song “Classic,” but these are somewhat sparse. There are also a few lines that…aren’t the best, like “I came, you c**e” on “Pullin Up (Feat. The Weeknd).”

The features on Dreams Worth More Than Money are acceptable for the most part, but not incredible. Drake gets the job done on “R.I.C.O.” and Rick Ross does a surprisingly good job keeping the energy going on “Been That.” Nicki Minaj is on two different tracks, but her contributions aren’t emotionally convincing even though she’s trying to make her love for Meek more tangible (Meek doesn’t really connect either on these tracks).

Despite the usually bland lyrical delivery on this album, Meek Mill keeps the energy and passion at a high and enjoyable level. Be prepared to hear this album bumping in various whips across the nation this fall.

FAV TRACKS:  R.I.C.O., Check, Been That, Cold Hearted

LEAST FAV TRACKS:  Pullin Up, Bad For You

Score: (6.5/10)

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