“Dirty Projectors” Dirty Projectors

Dirty Projectors

Dirty Projectors Album Review


Released February 21, 2017

Genre: Alternative R&B

Dirty Projectors return with their 7th album and a completely new sound. This album is no longer venturing into the world of indie rock; David Longstreth trades guitars for synths and keyboards and drum machines for this release. While it is interesting to see him tackle this style with some success, a lot of the album is too busy and multi-layered to connect to.

Songs like “Little Bubble” that aren’t minimalistic or too complicated really shine. This particular song features David’s best vocal performance on the record and the most interesting keyboard part. The melodies are tight and the extra noises add to the ambiance quite well.

Most songs than this album are too busy, however. There is too much glitchiness that doesn’t bode well for the compositions. It’s too noisy and it doesn’t mesh well with the “we just broke up” lyricism. It is well-mixed, however. The production is good for how much is going on. Fans of alternative R&B might appreciate this because it is a harsh juxtaposition of pretty singing and noisy, glitched loud production. The autotune (“Ascent Through Clouds”) was stupid, though.

FAV TRACK: Little Bubble

LEAST FAV TRACK: Ascent Through Clouds

SCORE: (5.0/10)

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