“Daffodils (feat. Kevin Parker)” Mark Ronson

Mark Ronson

“Daffodils” Track Review

Columbia Records

Released December 22, 2014

Genre: Psychedelic Pop, Funk

Psychedelic front man Kevin Parker (of Tame Impala) provides the vocals on this Mark Ronson produced track. While Bruno Mars provided a soulful wallop to 2014’s stellar “Uptown Funk”, Parker does his part by swirling in psychedelic influences to the mix, along with his whispery vocals. Careening organs, keyboard spurts, Nile Rodger-esque guitar stabs, and a steady drum beat round out this robust track. And while the formula becomes stale for a while, Ronson and Parker inject noisy feedback portions, and a heavy (and extremely groovy) bass section that propels the song from “generic” to “eclectic”.

Considering “Uptown Funk” is on this album as well, “Daffodils” will keep listeners waiting for what Uptown Special has to offer.


Score: (9.1/10)

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