“Culture” Migos


Culture Album Review

300, Atlantic Records

Released January 27, 2017

Genre: Trap Rap

Ah, Migos. One of the culprits of educating suburbia about what a “trap” is. The kings of intersectional memery (yeah, that’s a stupid term, but name one person in America who hasn’t done the dabbing dance) are back for a follow up to 2015’s Yung Rich Nation, which was a steady slog of triplet-based rapping about lewd endeavors. Although YRN provided culturally impactful bits, it wasn’t a consistently interesting body of music. Culture falls into this trap BUT IN A MUCH SMALLER way.

Quavo, Offset and Takeoff aren’t doing anything differently in terms of delivery or subject matter, but they still mesh extraordinarily with each other and do their best to make the beats hit even harder. The ad-libs and tommy gun flow hits the ears from all angles every track. Their voices are distinct enough but the personalities that they demonstrate are pretty similar. Still, the harmony between these three really is something else. These beats compliment their style, especially on songs like “T-Shirt” and “Big On Big,” which make the emcees sound even more confident and comfortable. “Big On Big” especially accomplishes this with Zaytoven’s illustrious gospel keyboard work.

Some songs are just total filler, however, a problem reminiscent of YRN. “Kelly Price” featuring Travis Scott finds the three emcees and the guest all sounding exactly like each other without dropping any quotable lines. Slippery has an expected Gucci Mane feature but has the exact same problem. It’s already hard to get through a full hour of brag rapping with no surprises.

In short, Culture is a solid follow-up. If that kid you don’t like at school keeps saying, “rain drop drop top,” it’s okay, because you can be on the cutting edge for much better trends that are attached to much better songs.

FAV TRACKS: T-Shirt, Big on Big


SCORE: (7.0/10)

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