Q: Where do I report editorial/grammatical/technical (page won’t load, “404 Not Found’ etc)/Album Cover/Art mistakes?

A: Email corrections@prettyneatgrooves.com  prettyneatgrooves@gmail.com with the subject title:

  • [“Album Name”/Article Name – Grammar/Spelling Error] 

  • [“Album Name”/Article Name – Cover Art Mistake] 

  • [“Album Name”/Article Name – Technical Difficulties].

Proceed to describe where in the article where the mistake is. We will try to fix the mishap in 48 hours or less.


Q: Who do I email to send singles/albums/EP for review or consideration?

A: yourmusic@prettyneatgrooves.com prettyneatgrooves@gmail.com



Q: How can I write for Pretty Neat Grooves?

A: Email contributingwriters@prettyneatgrooves.com prettyneatgrooves@gmail.com with the subject title: [Contributing Writer Request]. Then attach the following information:

1) Your five favorite bands/artists,

2) Your five favorite albums,

3) Age, Musical background, biography,

4)* A sample writing piece (can be an album review or track review),

5)* Availability to write a review in 2-3 days time/work ethic.

We are interested in how much meaningful content you can put into the site so items 4) and 5) are required and will be extensively reviewed. Nonetheless, all points are required for review to determine if you can write for Pretty Neat Grooves or not.


 Q: I love this particular band/artist. How do I find out if you’ve reviewed/covered them?

A: Click on an article/ review and a “Search” bar should appear on the top right corner. Sometimes an artist doesn’t appear (work in progress/technical difficulties). So for the time being, just email prettyneatgrooves@gmail.com and ask if we’ve reviewed a particular band/artist. We will try to get back to you in 48 hours or less.