“Coming of Age” Foster The People

Foster The People

Coming Of Age Track Review

Columbia Records

Released January 14, 2014

Genre: Alternative Rock, Indie Pop

With pop spectacle Torches illuminating their path, Foster the People have returned since their fading at the back end of 2011 and not a lot has changed. A track off of the sophomore LP Supermodel, “Coming of Age” is as cliche and rehashed as tracks get when concerning a departure from adolescence.

Wincingly ironic how a song about maturity and growth can demonstrate such a lack of progression for this band. Relying on powerhouse choruses rather ambitious structure or a change in direction. “Coming of Age” feels like a total dress up party of a track that could quite easily have featured on their debut. To their credit Foster the People have made good on the formula that they concocted back in 2011 with biting chords and unrelenting hooks but it seems that “Coming of Age” falls short of the groundbreaking quality and memorability that “Pumped Up Kicks” had as it stormed the world throughout it’s time circulating the airwaves.

Score: 5.8/10

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