Chatting Football with You Blew It!

A pile of Mountain Dew towers over guitarist and singer for You Blew It! Tanner Jones, sitting at the opposite end of the backstage couch from me. Guitarist Andy Anaya and bassist Andy Vila sit adjacent to the a closed cooler, while drummer Matt Nissley hides in the far back corner, still thinking about copping the detailed Big Freedia portrait he spotted in Off The Record just outside the backstage door. After discussing inappropriate MadLibs and pee-stains, I begin recording the conversation.

The Grammys and Super Bowl are nigh during this time, so the inner sports-fans and music-nerds of You Blew It! are (not really) on edge. These events have been quite controversial this year, with Iggy Azalea’s alleged appropriation of black culture and deflategate respectively. “Someone said that Lorde song was racist because it was talking about popping bottles and drinking Cristal and the article pointed out ‘that’s racist because that’s what black people do,’” Jones recalls, “no…THAT’S racist.” He doesn’t necessarily disagree with the claims of Azalea’s culture-vulture rap style, but he acknowledges the argument of calling it cultural appropriation. “Are we really gonna pick apart [Iggy’s ] music like that,” asks Anaya, “do we have to say it’s bad because she’s appropriating black culture?” He feels like society is becoming more and more politically correct, and in this case Iggy’s issue is that she’s just not that great of a rapper. “The fact [she’s] nominated for Grammys, big whoop,” he later adds, “that’s giving art an award, which is so stupid,” stupidity that rivals that of Bully Beatdown. “Bully Beatdown is up there with Iggy,” as Jones and Anaya say, in terms of stupidity.

As more people from the band Tiny Moving Parts enter the backstage, and as the word “Beatdown” gets repeated by everyone in the room, the testosterone in the room accumulates to the point where avoiding the topic of the Super Bowl is impossible. Eventually the room bursts into chants of the name “Tom Shady,” while everyone shakes their head disapprovingly. “I think everyone not from New England wants the Seahawks to win,” admits Jones. He and the rest of You Blew It! agree that the plethora of scandals (filming practices, favoritism) that the Patriots have allegedly been involved in warrant their disapproval, “even though Tom Brady is possibly the best quarterback ever…go Dolphins.”

Terrible picture taken by Michael White of the band conjuring up something magical.

Terrible picture taken by Michael White of the band conjuring up something magical.

While the Dolphins may be a lost cause, the shredders hope that Tampa Bay drafts Jameis Winston, despite his “behavior problems,” as Tanner puts it. “You win the Heisman at 19 years old, you’re gonna have a [messed up] ego,” Vila comments, “no one sets those kids down and tells them how to deal with the press.” It seems as if the solution to idiotic actions committed by student-athletes is for elders to explain how to handle their stardom.

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