“Chanel” Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean

“Chanel” Track Review


Released March 10, 2017

Genre: Alternative R&B

Frank Ocean has had a busy few months. After coming back from obscurity, Ocean has dropped a visual record, a stunningly released testament of introspection, perhaps THE collaboration of the summer, and now this: “Chanel”. Ocean has repeatedly shown a knack of making these open-hearted songs feel intensely intimate; crafting song that feel that they shouldn’t be released but should be blasted at the highest of volumes. Here he achieves that intangible quality, yet his vocal performance is drowned in effects making this song a hard one to feel the emotion packed within. While the vocals are commanding, they are not as soothing or even interesting to listen to. The braggadocio delivery and the shuffling piano melody are highlights that help accentuate the song’s mood and tone. Ultimately, Ocean’s love for auto-tune muddles up the message and feeling here leaving one distanced, and merely chuckling at the more than clever hook.

Regardless, anything by Ocean is welcome with open arms.


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