“Champion Lover” Champion Lover

Champion Lover

Champion Lover Album Review

Unprofitable Records

Released June 20, 2014

Genre: Punk Rock, Noise Rock, Delicious Feedback Manipulators

Canadian punks Champion Lover deliver a non-stop onslaught of digging guitar phrases, driving drums and dirty bass tones. Delivered with a strong, spunky attitude, this record encapsulates everything that is desirable about punk, noise and rock. Emotional delivery and tight performances make this album a very solid release. Songs like “Read My Mind,” “Bad Day” and “Lost” are great examples of how adept this band is at creating that angsty aesthetic that fans of punk rock seek after. “Read My Mind,” for example has a very punchy snare, complimented with guitars layered in tasty and tasteful reverb. The chorus goes HAM, so much so that I worried about my levels of cholesterol whilst digesting this song. “Bad Day” demonstrates how the band has the ability to make you FEEL: this song convinced me that I was having a bad day, and artfully so, since the instrumentation is somber and encumbering. The production on every single song is also fantastic, with feedback and noise elevating the experience.

This release would definitely be complimented by a packed basement show, chock-full of stage dives, aggressive head-nods and sing-alongs. The two gripes I have, however, are that I don’t find this album to flow very well (some tracks should be rearranged), and I feel that this band could use a fresher approach to this style of music. I feel like I’ve heard this record before, but that’s not a bad or good thing in my opinion. I think that this album is a great first taste for anyone new to Champion Lover, and I cannot wait for the future. This album does demonstrate that this band has mad potential, and anyone interested in punk should take note.

FAV TRACKS: Read My Mind, Bad Day, Lost

LEAST FAV TRACKS: Vacant Heart, Shooter, How Will I Know

Score: (7.0/10)

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