“Call This # Now” The Garden

The Garden

“Call This # Now” Track Review

Epitaph Records

Released July 26, 2016

Genre: Experimental Rock, Electro Punk, Art Punk

Orange County, CA art-punk rockers The Garden don’t shy away from eccentrism and embracing their inner weirdo. On their new track, they capitalize and produce a batsh*t insane tune that, despite its abrasive choppiness, welcomes and ushers repeated listents. Opening with a ridiculously chaotic intro, the track then transitions into a steady rock tune complete with orchestral bangs, punk drums, howls, and bells & whistles (literally.) The lyricism is strangely comedic for people with a strange sense of humor. If you’ve seen live performances of The Garden, or even a music video, you’ll know just what niche audience The Garden aims for. For now, it appears that they don’t give a f*ck about what they do/play/play for. If this track has an indication, it shows that The Garden are operating on their own rules, with nothing to stop them from showing the world their wonderfully weird brand of fun.


SCORE: (8.5/10)

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