“Bottomless Pit” Death Grips

Death Grips

Bottomless Pit Review

Third Worlds / Harvest Records

Released on May 6th, 2016

Genre: Industrial Hip-Hop, Experimental Hip-Hop, Electronic

The internet is a pretty strange place. In it, you will find countless Death Grips memes, fan-boy Reddit threads, trash, and above all, you will find MC Ride, Zach Hill, and Flatlander getting high off of all of it as they plunge further into the bottomless pit of dark and twisted cyber-punk insanity that put Death Grips on the map.

In other words, Death Grips’ internet presence and their relationship with their fan-base is ultimately essential to the content of their music. On the opening track, Death Grips references once again how large their influence over the music industry is, possibly dissing people who copy their style explaining “I Keep Giving Bad People Good Ideas”.  Delivering their most insane and punishing song since “You might think he loves you for your money…”, it’s a nearly heavy metal track with devilish guitar leads popping in and out and an extremely creepy female vocal repeating the chorus maniacally. The trio then keep the energy at max on the following track “Hot Head”  where MC Ride goes into a fit of rage, screaming incomprehensible sounds as pummeling guitars, synths, and drums blast sporadically.

On the track “Eh” Death Grips flips a 180 and brings a surprisingly reserved and almost…cute instrumental. But this begins to make more sense once MC Ride explains that he doesn’t give a f*ck and that his reaction to anything is usually no more than “eh”. Going even to say that he could one day get bored and say “…Death Grips…eh…” and quit the band altogether. On “Trash”, which sounds like millions of servers struggling to upload information, MC Ride furthers this apathetic attitude by explaining that he sees everything that Death Grips uploads as no more than another pile of internet garbage, yet it seems like he embraces the idea. Repeating incessantly: “We know trash, we know clean don’t last, Never last when we load trash, We upload trash…trash begets trash.”

The Track “BB Poison” returns to the idea of Death Grips’s audience being under their control, not only because of their music, but as well as their twitter account. Dropping their twitter name, (@bbpoltergeist) MC Ride sounds like he is speaking directly to each of DG’s fans that obsess over everything that they put on the internet, even referencing an actual tweet from their account: “It won’t lit”. He then says “Zach hit them off like, “It won’t lit,” they shit bricks, bbpoltergiest, don’t touch this” Showing how they enjoy the confusion that fans get from things the band uploads that don’t even make sense.

“Three Bedrooms In A Good Neighborhood” a highlight in the track listing, features one of the most catchy yet disturbing hooks on the album with MC Ride chanting “I’m all up in my glory-hole, S-O no no no…” With some of the most vile and profane lyrics on the entire project and a skittering beat of rattling hi-hats and guitar-like synths, this track sounds like MC Ride describing a night at his favorite underground BDSM club.

While tracks like “Ring a Bell” and “80808” breeze by without much in the way of new ideas for DG, the band finishes off the album with the title track “Bottomless Pit”. Another crushingly powerful heavy metal track which sounds like falling down an actual pit. It brings the project to a momentous close as MC Ride tells you just how he wants you to feel after listening to this album…like he’s “f*cked you in half.”

Ultimately, Bottomless Pit features some of Death Grips’ most memorable production and hooks since their cult-smash The Money Store, yet slightly more direct, aggressive, and precise.


FAV TRACKS: Giving Bad People Good Ideas, Hot Head, Warping, Spikes, Bubbles Buried in This Jungle, Eh, Houdini, Three Bedrooms in a Good Neighborhood

LEAST FAV TRACKS: Ring a Bell, 80808

SCORE: 9.1/10

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