“Behold.Total.Rejection” Revenge


Behold.Total.Rejection Album Review

Season Of Mist

Released November 13, 2015

Genre: Black Metal, Grindcore, Death Metal, War Metal


Uncompromising, tortured and relentless are the only words that can properly describe Revenge. The Canadian black metal trio have been making musical onslaughts capable of destroying ears and inciting riots for the past 15 years. Despite trends in the black metal sound today, melodic and atmospheric are not even close to being in this band’s vocabulary. When the drums aren’t pumping out blistering blast beats, the guitars are generating noisy nonsense to the background of the sometimes grind core-esque vocals. Without a doubt, Revenge have crafted the most punishing and difficult aural experience ever covered on PNG.

Swirling drums, disgusting guitar and bass and bowel-shaking vocals are the ingredients to Revenge evil formula. All instruments and voices are stripped of any brightness; drums are mixed to be much louder than the guitars other than solos, while the guitar and bass rarely reach higher frets, usually mimicking the lower-register noises of large military machinery. Where Revenge delves into its ugliest is in the vocals. When tortured wretched vocals aren’t eviscerating the ears like a thousand daggers, the evil death growls that resemble a boiling cauldron of some concoction drag the listener into the pits of Tartarus. These lower growls usually are enhanced with some very ominous echoing effect. No one can possibly feel remotely human while listening to this album.

The fury of Revenge is relentless, but since this album is only 10 tracks long, clocking in at about 40 minutes, the assault is well-paced. It is impossible to be bored by the calculated chaos on Behold.Total.Rejection. The production, although vicious, is slightly bothersome as I’d like to be as assaulted by the string section as I am by the drums and vocals. The echoing growls also don’t echo to the beat of the song, which sounds like it was done on purpose, but it throws off the flow of the songs. The guitar solos happen at the perfect time in each song, lasting just long enough for the stereotypical headbangers in everyone to frantically wave their fingers in the air before quickly returning to thrashing maniacally around the room.

This album is not fun. It’s not enjoyable. It’s disgusting and inhumane. It’s an amazing experience. Behold, the greatest challenge in Pretty Neat Grooves history.


FAV TRACKS: Scum Defector (Outsider Neutralized), Shock Attrition (Control in Decline), Mass Death Mass


SCORE: (8.7/10)

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