“Beach Music” Alex G

Alex G

Beach Music Album Review

Domino Recordings

Released October 9, 2015

Genre: Bedroom Indie, Singer Songwriter, DIY Weirdness

Behold, the cutest album of 2015; I mean this in the most Zooey Deschanel way possible. Alex G has always made odd DIY bedroom-recorded jams for the angst-ridden, but he’s nearly perfected the art of the quirk on his Domino debut, Beach Music. The Philadelphian wonderboy will appease fans and entrance newcomers with ease on his most cohesive project yet.

DSU was a smash hit on the blogosphere last year, with its diverse styles but consistent idiosyncrasy. Although it was a solid project, many songs felt unfinished, as if after Alex found one right riff, he stopped each song without trying to add other passages. Beach Music avoids this for most of the album, as songs are fully fleshed. “Bug” follows the incredibly kooky Intro, closed out with Chipmunk vocals of all things. It’s unsettling at first but inadvertently conveys sincerity in the song. Alex continues to churn out the curveballs when a drum machine is introduced on the previously released single, “Salt.” More odd vocals soar over the emphasized guitar leads on the chorus, creating a dream like setting. It’s songs like these that long-time Alex G fans have come to expect. Being able to hear a well made bluesy shuffle (“Ready”) right after a emo-tinged acoustic ballad (“Mud”) is refreshing. Alex’s vocals are as sincere as ever, not technically proficient but emotionally intact. The performances with the instruments are tighter than before even though the production isn’t flashy.

A few songs aren’t structured as well as hoped for, however. “Look Out” sounds like a chopped n screwed alternative rock standard, but it’s too spacey to connect to. “Kicker” is a great song, but feels totally unfinished with an awkward fade out. “Station” also falls flat because the attempt for weirdness makes the song structuring suffer.

All in all, these shortcomings don’t stop Beach Music being an essential for any indie rock fan this year. Alex G has come and he’s taking the indiesphere by storm, whether you like it or not.



FAV TRACKS: Bug, Thorns, Salt, In Lover, Mud, Ready

LEAST FAV TRACKS: Brite Boy, Station

SCORE: (8.0/10)

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