“B.O.A.T.S II #METIME” 2 Chainz


B.O.A.T.S II #METIME Album Review

Def Jam Records

Released: September 9, 2013

Genre: Southern Hip Hop, Hip Hop

Edited By Jon Birondo and Michael White


From what I’ve heard this guy is pretty popular in the rap community so I figured he couldn’t be too bad. Coming into the review I thought this guy was a serious rapper; well, that presumption was horribly ravaged after listening to two or three songs. This guy seemed to be somewhat of a joke compared to the other artists I’ve listened to! That being said, my review might not be the most “rap” accurate but I’ll tell everyone my honest opinion of this album and everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

Given the choice to buy the album or not I probably wouldn’t because the album didn’t feel like rap to me. If you buy the album you might want to keep in mind that you are supporting a mediocre rapper with some absolutely disgraceful lyrics. Personally, I’m kind of disappointed that people in current society pay to listen to this because I think that the lyrics presented are not something that society should support.

This entire album is composed of 2 Chainz repeating some vulgar phrase time after time. I have to say I was disappointed with the album. I was hoping to gain respect for the artist, but things don’t always go according to play. If this is the rap you like then good for you! I personally wasn’t very impressed.

Good rap, in my own personal opinion, has meaningful lyrics that are said in a way that highlight the beauty of the beat accompanying it. Personally, if you want to listen to some good music listen to some Tupac or Eminem, “Changes” and/or “Lose Yourself” respectively.

Does 2 Chainz have headphones? What B.O.A.T.S II #METIME is composed of is horrible raps, jumpy flow and ridiculously, disappointing cameos. Cameos from Drake and Pharrell fail to carry the track to a level of professionalism or earnestness. But nothing earnest, unique or new appears on this album. The lyricism sucks, the beats are nothing new and tend to be really redundant and rarely stick out as something great and his flow barely makes the songs bearable let alone appealing.

The lazy beats sometime seem to be functioning on a “ctrl+c/ ctrl+p” process, and there’s even a track here called “Netflix”! It still appalls me to how people can listen let alone purchase on such mediocrity. On “Fork” when he yells “MOM” in the beginning and “SCRRR” scatters around the track the appeal to the audience fall flat through his blatant, unnecessary “shrieking”.

There isn’t even cohesion to this album, it lacks so much cohesion this review isn’t even cohesive! This album just further reiterates the incredibly horrible style of 2 Chainz first established on Based On A T.R.U Story. It becomes even more or a disaster when you begin to realize the album is over an hour long. If there’s any truth to this story, it’s something I can’t really spoil. Listen for yourself just remember what you’re getting yourself into and while you’re at it give 2 Chainz some headphones, he needs to hear what he’s done. Talent? Nah, funny is the word.

FAV TRACKS: None really
WORST TRACKS: See track listing for B.O.A.T.S II #METIME

Score (3.8/10)

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