“Anti” Rihanna


Anti Album Review

Roc Nation

Released January 28, 2016

Genre: Pop, R&B, Dancehall

When I first saw the promotional photos for Rihanna’s new (or should I say Neu to be more cutting-edge) one thing was apparent. America’s favorite Barbadian pop star was going to try VERY HARD on the next album. The hazy finish of the photo, the odd hairstyle…Rhi Rhi was pulling all the stops to be as 2016 as possible, 2016 being a continuation of 2015, the year of A E S T H E T I C. It reminded me of what FKA Twigs has been doing with her image for most of her career. However, FKA Twigs’ sound and visual style consistently matched well. Anti is a disjointed and half-baked attempt at imitating the PBR&B trend.

The album starts out promising, with “Consideration,” a nice duet with SZA. The two sound slightly similar so they meld together well. However, the next song (“James Joint”)  contains some of the dumbest lyrics I’ve heard this year: “I’d rather be smoking weed whenever we breathe/ Every time you kiss me/ Don’t say that you miss me/ Just come get me.” Did Wiz write this? The album continues with this drab lyricism, coupled with surprisingly uninteresting production. “Needed Me” has a very non-Mustard-esque DJ Mustard beat that sounds nice, but this is an exception. The chorus on “Work” gets annoying very quickly, with the overly repetitive beat. The only saving grace is “Love On The Brain” which is only interesting because it sounds exactly like an Amy Winehouse track.

Rihanna is a talented singer, don’t get it twisted. She’s convincing with her lyrics and sounds natural over these try-hard beats. However, what she’s saying is so mundane that it can’t save Anti from being Anti-fun.

FAV TRACKS: Love On The Brain


SCORE: (4.0/10)

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