“After The Disco” Broken Bells

Broken Bells

After The Disco Track Review

Columbia Records

Released January 7, 2014

Genre: Disco, Synthpop, Space Rock

Somewhere along the way of James Mercer’s path to being a musician was a time where he was fascinated by the Bee Gees, the prime example of 70s disco and funk. Overlapping that musical phase came Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, a game-changing album if we ever saw one, evident in his band, The Shins’, cover of Pink Floyd’s “Breathe” on Fallon back in 2011.. Think of this track as a venn diagram. The middle overlap? The title track of Broken Bells’ newest album, After The Disco.

Wonky synths and dance beats create a spectacular vibe that, as I said, crosses between Pink Floyd and the BeeGees, sometimes even Marvin Gaye. Mercer’s fascination for the electronic side of music (opposed to The Shins’ more rock influenced instrumentation) remains a strong point on this track. High pitched falsettos, grooving bass and plenty of atmosphere keep this track orbiting earth, lifting it high off the ground, in the moment and living free. However, there isn’t a strong hook to accompany the track, but a few listens and the verses should soak in.

Even after the disco, Broken Bells keep the party going. So yes, Ivy League kids do get stoned to Pink Floyd, and perhaps a more distinct and antipodal demographic soak in the Gibb brothers for their personal gain. Broken Bells bring these two parties together, and for once, everything resonates smoothly.



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