“Abandoned Mansion” Dr. Dog

Dr. Dog

Abandoned Mansion Album Review

Anti- Records

Released November 29, 2016

Genre: Indie Folk, Folk Rock

It doesn’t feel fair that I’m going into this album without having heard anything else by this extremely prolific band. However, I feel like this band has been in my life for more than just one album. It’s not to say that this is familiar music to me, but Dr. Dog does a solid job of making the listener feel comfortable on this release.

Dr. Dog showcases catchy songwriting that takes influence from standard American folk but injects indie rock instrumentation. Songs like “Survive” are bouncy and have air-tight melodies. These songs and moments are exemplary, but there are sleepier and slower songs like “Casual Freefall” that don’t grab the ears as much due to being too familiar and not having the energy to make up for it. What is consistent even throughout the weaker songs is the production that allows the instruments to ring out but not drown each other out. Studio wizardry is definitely at work here.

I see why people freak out over this band album after album, especially if this is what they deliver on each of their releases. Peep!

FAV TRACKS: Ladada, Survive

LEAST FAV TRACK: Casual Freefall

SCORE: 7.0/10

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