“1000 Forms Of Fear” Sia


1000 Forms Of Fear Album Review

Monkey Puzzle/RCA Records

Released July 4, 2014

Genre: Pop, R&B, Electro Pop, Inspring Dance Ready Electro Pop


Sia has been around in the pop music world for about ten years, yet if you ask anyone who she is, you’ll most likely hear “Titanium” or “Wild Ones”, her real presence never fully acknowledged. Sia is much more involved in the pop culture world than most know. Some would be surprised once they found out she co-wrote the sultry Beyonce ballad “Pretty Hurts” and Rihanna’s chart topping track “Diamonds”, the latter’s signature vocal swoons and dips being Sia’s vocal trademark. Indeed, Sia has had a hand in crafting some of the most successful songs of our generation. On her latest record, Sia drums a set of powerful and emphatic tunes that showcase her songwriting and vocal ability along with a lot more ambitious instrumentals, never sacrificing one for the other.

“Chandelier” overflows with emotion and her vocal range shows her pain, along with her triumph. “Big Girls Cry” finds Sia at her most vulnerable, but her perception, clear as day. While on “Hostage” contrasts uppity beat along with her despondent lyricism. On the Diplo-produced “Elastic Heart” however, Sia has the upper hand, proudly proclaiming “I’m like a rubberband until you pull too hard/I may snap and I move fast/But you won’t see me fall apart”, true evidence of Sia gaining the upper hand, and finding power within herself.

Other than her two chart topping hits, no one really knows who Sia is. You can’t see her face on the cover, but you can feel her prescence, imminently looming over the horizon. 1000 Forms Of Fear finds Sia coming off a string of some of her most vulnerable moments, but by the time it’s over it’s as if she never fell. 1000 Forms offers us a snapshot into the enigmatic figure known as Sia because one thing is for sure: you will remember her name.


FAV TRACKS: Chandelier, Big Girls Cry, Eye Of The Needle, Hostage, Fair Game, Elastic Heart, Fire Meets Gasoline


Score: (8.5/10)

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